"Hill of angels" two daygame at CDC.

"Hill of angels" two daygame at CDC.

Postby Giraffe » Thu May 19, 2016 11:58 pm

Review of game at command decisions "city of angels". Andy, Clayton and I started out playing for the vietnamese. The sides were uneven from the begining both by the number of players and the general's (madkow) recruitng abilities of organzied teams. We handed it to the marines all day sat and at one point were up 1800 to 300 points. But after Clayton and I changed sides ( Andy stayed with Madkow as CP assistant) to the marines on sat afternoon the numbers changed dramaticly to the point at the end of the day sat the marines were only down 500 points. ( actually several other people switched and other red players stopped playing because of boredom though I don't think those changes were as critical as Dealers switching sides). On Sunday the marines were butt handled again though after switching sides the game play was anything but boring for Clayton and I. Marines ended up losing by I don't know by how much. Overall I had a good time and we demonstrated once again that DeathDealers are just damn good paintballers. Period. Review by Giraffe.
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