Thank you

Thank you

Postby Ralphie » Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:39 pm

I just want to say thank you to everyone that was able to be at the game this weekend. Joanna and Rhonda were unable to attend due to illness and dog sitter issues, you both were missed and I hope you are feeling better Joanna.

It was great to take the field with some new faces, you guys kicked ass and I hope to see you all on the team soon, especially that stud Rick!

Paul you can cover my 6 any time and John you had an amazing healing touch as our medic!

Lefty, Mouse, Butt Scab, Alf, Giraffe, and Turtle as always it was awesome!

Again thank you all for a great time and I hope to see everyone at the Swamp in September.
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Re: Thank you

Postby Dennis » Sat Sep 05, 2015 9:52 pm

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