Kill of the weekend

Kill of the weekend

Postby Ralphie » Mon Feb 23, 2015 5:20 pm

Once again the kill of the weekend belongs to Wreakingball, aka Fred. I'm unsure of the exact details but to the best of my knowledge Wreakingball stalked a squad of snipers across the battlefield calmly walking up on their 12 o'clock. Mere milliseconds before the snipers unleashed certain first strike death upon Admiral Nick the words "Your out" were herd across the land. It was then that Admiral became aware of the danger he was in, once again being saved by the stealth that only Wreakingball possess when he turned to see these snipers being barrel tagged by Fred. Yes I said barrel tagged. Well done Fred!

While I am at it I would like to give a tip of my hat to our youngest member, Lil Bullet. Every time I found myself in the thick of the fight he was right there with me, heck he even jumped in front of tank fire for me! It was great to have you beside me out there I can't wait to do it again, thank you.

I would like to thank everyone else to include the new guys that played. I suck at names but it was a pleasure taking the field with you all!
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Re: Kill of the weekend

Postby admiral nick » Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:09 am

Very close Clayton, Kile and I advanced on the boat north of the midairfill station, Fred moves up right behind me a few moments later. WE both hear some shots coming at us, I look over and see paint splattering in the woods by kile, fred starts looking around then motion above him catches his eye and discovers that the tree in the boat is actually a sniper and tags the guy with his barrel stating "TAG ur DEAD". It was hillarious and we both captured the whole thing on camera.

It was quite fun to play that one back from both of our perspecives and see the guy there the whole time. All I can say is that the sniper must have thought fred and I were on his side.

Another shout out to Kile, who ran Demo for us. One of the final plays of the day he managed to satchel the enemy tank that was moving towards the iron tower. This was Kiles very first scenario, he played point for me on Bravo Squad all weekend and did an amazing job, defiantly going to try to keep him coming back

Another Epic Game team!
admiral nick
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Re: Kill of the weekend

Postby Ralphie » Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:11 am

Ah I see, thank you for setting the record straight and I can't wait to watch the video :D

Thank you for Kile's story of his outstanding feats. A tank kill with a satchel....AWESOME!!!! I believe we have duel Kills of the Week. Excellent job Kile!

Everything I witnessed of our entire team this weekend just made my conviction greater that I am privileged to play on the best team with the best people, thank you Death Dealers! This also applies to the new players this weekend, in my eyes you are all Death Dealers.
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Re: Kill of the weekend

Postby Feisty » Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:00 am

Admiral Nick you are quite impressive in the woods. While I was unable to complete the objective you got us to the pyramid, dragging me through the woods where I was totally lost. If you'd have left me behind, I'd probably still be out there. . . I don't see how you navigate through the woods like it's nothing, not even there. None-the-less, I'd follow you anywhere. You are an awesome leader and great with communication. I have total respect for you. You're a good guy.

Mouse and Ralphie did an awesome job too clearing the back road (dog house) and clearing the pyramid while we were trying to get there with the sniper. They'd wiped Kile and me out earlier so I was not in any way excited about going that road. I wish I'd seen you two kick butt.

I'm very proud of our Wrecking Ball, Fred. You should be proud of yourself. Also, Kile, I would not have killed you if you had gone through with shooting me. You just need to remember that if I'm following you and you happen to turn around, I'm still there and not the enemy (most of the time). :lol:

Little Bullett was cool and got props - though he paid for it later. I feel for you there, but it's a big field and well. . .you know. . rules are rules. I give you a high five for being willing to go get it with others on The Knowing Side though.
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